About Us


Located in Weifang City (the capital of kites), Weifang Dongfangsheng Chemical Co., Ltd. is a joint-stock enterprise engaged in the research and development of chemical technology and production and sales of chemicals, with the right to have import and export business independently. Equipped with international standard quality testing equipment and analytical instruments, we have formulated industry-standardized internal control standards for raw materials and finished products, and successfully established a standardized quality management system which can meet the standards of the ISO system. Now, all our products have reached the level of this industry.

At present, we are a manufacturer of zinc series products, including battery grade zinc chloride, industrial grade zinc chloride, zinc nitrate, zinc carbonate, zinc dihydrogen phosphate, phosphating solution, ammonium chloride and snow melting agent; moreover, we are working on the research and development of organic products.

With the philosophy of satisfying the needs of users and creating value for users, we strive to provide users with stable products and a full range of free technical services at a convenient speed through adopting a humanized and face-to-face sales method. Now, we have successfully established a win-win development mode with trading partners. At present, our products are well sold in many provinces and cities of China, and are exported to the United States, South Korea, Japan, Russia, Brazil, Poland, Iran, Africa, Eastern Europe and other countries or regions.

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